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Immigration to Italy occurs from a variety of countries. As of 1st January 2015, there were an estimated 5,073,000 foreign nationals resident in Italy. This amounted .

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Africa News Immigration and news about Africa and Africans. Africa Site. Saturday, Jun The top asylumseekers in Italy in 2014 were instead from Mali, .

Immigration to Italy Immigration, work visas and work guide to immigration to Italy, Italian work permits and work visas.

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Italian Immigration Consultancy & Advisory Services NonEU highly skilled workers willing to live and work in Italy can now apply for an EU Blue Card work .

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2015 immigration quotas for seasonal workers NEW regularization foreigners: Italy Ideal place for Food Chain Business Investment / Convenience etc.

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Illegal immigrants in Italy are now liable to pay a fine of 10,000 euros Proponents of Italy's new antiimmigration laws say they are a muchneeded .

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The number of migrants entering Italy has reached a new record as recent figures from the IOM have shown. More than 170,000 reached Italian soil on this route in 2014 .

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Italy and immigration Take my migrants, please An influx of north Africans causes a headache for the government Apr 14th 2011 ROME From the print edition.

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