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Ida Noddack (25 February 1896 – 24 September 1978), née Ida Tacke, was a German chemist and physicist. She was the first to mention the idea of nuclear fission in .

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Ida Noddack, nata Ida Tacke (Wesel, 25 febbraio 1896 – Bad NeuenahrAhrweiler, 29 ottobre 1978), è stata una chimica e fisica tedesca. Fu la prima ad elaborare l .

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Ida Noddack, née Ida Eva Tacke (born Feb. 25, 1896, Lackhausen (now Wesel), Ger.—died Sept. 24, 1978, Bad Neuenahr), German chemist who codiscovered the chemical .

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The Noddacks realised element 75 would have properties similar to its horizontal neighbours rather than to manganese Ida Noddack's idea of nuclear fission .

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Ida Noddack Chemist and Physicist Rhenium Rhenium is a silver and heavy metal. Its melting point is only lower than carbon and tungsten. It is lighter than platinum .

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Together with her husband,Ida Noddack was appointed to our University by the Nazi when Alsace was annexed by Germany during WWW II.,_Ida_Tacke@844157201.html

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Leben . Sie studierte als eine der ersten Frauen in Deutschland Chemie. An der Technischen Hochschule Berlin promovierte sie 1919 Über Anhydride höherer .

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