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Tranche: Definizione e significato di Tranche

tranche s.f. fr. (pl. tranches); in it. s.f. inv. (o pl. orig.) 1 fin. Quota: emettere una t. di obbligazioni. 2 Parte: si è conclusa la prima t. dell'inchiesta.

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In structured finance, a tranche is one of a number of related securities offered as part of the same transaction. The word tranche is French for slice, section .

Tranche Definition of tranche by MerriamWebster

Definition of TRANCHE: a division or portion of a pool or whole; specifically: an issue of bonds derived from a pooling of like obligations (as securitized mortgage .

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INVESTOPEDIA EXPLAINS 'Tranches' Tranche is a term often used to describe a specific class of bonds within an offering wherein each tranche offers varying degrees of .

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noun 1. Finance. one part or division of a larger unit, as of an asset pool or investment: The loan will be repaid in three tranches. a group of securities that share .

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Tranche A part of an issue. A tranche sometimes refers to a single issue of a security released at different times. For example, a company may announce that is .

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tranche (plural tranches) A slice, section or portion. (finance) One of a set of classes or risk maturities which compose a multipleclass security, .

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