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Welcome to eProposal. Europa

eProposal is the unique tool used by applicants to build and submit LIFE project proposals and by the Contracting Authority to organise the selection of projects to .

Environment LIFE : Funding : LIFE+ European Commission

LIFE is the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental and nature conservation projects throughout the EU.

European Commission Environment LIFE Programme

01 June 2015 The LIFE programme launched two calls for proposals, underlining its commitment to supporting projects that protect the environment and tackle the impact .


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LIFE (20142020) Ministero dell'Ambiente

LIFE (20142020) Programma per l’ambiente e l’azione per il clima (LIFE 20142020) Programma LIFE+ (20072013) Programma LIFE Ambiente (20002006) Direzione di .

Bando LIFE 20142020 – Ambiente progetti

LIFE Governance & Informazione in materia ambientale I progetti tradizionali potranno essere presentati solo in via elettronica attraverso l’eProposal tool .

eProposal Newmarket Software and Technology for

eProposal is flexibly designed to gather requests from a variety of RFP sources, such as MeetingBroker, company website, or internal facing presentation tools.

LIFE + 2013 invito a presentare proposte

LIFE + 2013 invito a presentare proposte ( LIFE + 2013 invito a presentare proposte Data scadenza: 25062013 Il settimo LIFE + invito a .

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